Re-Planting Rural at Walsingham

We are shortly going to be organising a meeting to generate ideas, suggestions and ways forward for the promotion, and development, of Little Walsingham Methodist Church. It is a heritage building with the possiblities of development as a pilgrimage destination and with the possibilities of a variety of spirituality and worship services including ones that are authentic to its context.

If you would be interested in joining such a think tank, then please get in touch with Glyn Constantine, Jacqui Horton, Sam Parfitt, OR message us through this website.

NEWS JUNE 2021: We have been awarded a District grant for 3 years as part of our Replanting Rural project.  This means that we will be able to open Walsingham Chapel regularly, at least twice a week. We are very excited!

Page last updated: 11th June 2021 7:54 AM