Daily Prayer for our Month of Prayer August 3rd - September 5th

This prayer is being offered as a pattern for daily prayer in our Prayer Month:

Loving God,
We thank you for your goodness to us, and for your love and care for us.
We pray for our world with all its issues and problems, its people and its suffering.
We pray for our country and government, dealing constantly with difficult decisions about handling the coronavirus situation. 

*[We pray for:

  • All those who work in the NHS and in the Care Sector
  • All those who have lost loved ones or who have lived through harrowing personal situations
  • All those who are currently ill or in hospital with the virus, especially for those in intensive care
  • All those who are struggling financially, or struggling with mental health, or struggling with keeping a business going] 

We pray for our Circuit and churches as we prepare for re-opening and as we make plans for the future.
We ask for hope, and vision, and renewed faith, in the name of Jesus Christ.  Amen.

*optional extra

The full handout of prayer suggestions for the month can be downloaded here.

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