District and Connexional Prayers for the Climate Crisis

A District prayer for God’s World by Rev Julian Pursehouse, Chair of the East Anglia District

God of grace and love, embodied in time and space,
we glimpse your glory in the living word of Christ
and the dancing fire of your Spirit.
In the light of your presence you call us to open our eyes
to the gift of your good creation and to take delight in all that you have made;
may we be truly thankful, and truly responsible as we step lightly upon the hallowed earth.
In the name of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.

Julian Pursehouse


A prayer for COP26 by Rev Mark Slaney, Chair of the Scotland and Shetland Districts

Creator God, who calls us to live justly
and be good stewards of the earth:
we hold in our prayer with you COP26
and all those gathering in Glasgow.
We pray for honesty and clarity,
wisdom and actions more than words
which respond urgently to the needs of the poor and displaced,
to the state of earth, water and air.
Call us, help us, and be our judge:
that whether political, industrial, scientific, or protest leader,
whether activist or apathetic,
we might accept the cost
and find the commitment and energy
to change our ways
for the sake of the planet
that gives us life,

Mark Slaney


This second prayer can be listened to on social media at this link:



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