How to help Ukraine

There is updated content on the Methodist website about the scheme 'Homes for Ukraine' including advice for anyone who wants to sponsor a refugee in their own home.  There is a direct link here - scroll down through the prayers to get to the Homes section.

Christian Aid is a member of the Disasters Emergency Committee and, therefore, co-ordinates its efforts with other major charities.  

Christian Aid says that there are 3 main things we can do to help at the moment:        

1. Donate to Christian Aid and/or the Disasters Emergency Committee (access here).

2. Sign an online petition asking the government to change its attitude to refugees in its 'Nationality and Borders' bill currently going through parliament.

3. Pray.

For more details on each of these 3 things, go to Christian Aid's website here and click 'Read More'.  At the end of this section on their website, there is an excellent (and said with feeling) video of a prayer for Ukraine and the world situation.


The Methodist Charity 'All We Can' has launched its own Appeal.

To go to their website click here.   


Helping Hands - North Norfolk is a Charity run by Malcolm and Pippa Cook that supports a feeding centre in Romania.  They are currently helping Ukranian refugees and expect to help more over the coming weeks.  For futher details of the Charity and how you can support Malcolm and Pippa supporting refugees read the following:

For 25 years we have been running a small charity called Helping Hands-North Norfolk supporting Romanian children and families. We do this by supporting a feeding centre in Santana, near Arad, which feeds around 100 children and old people each weekday. Through Facebook we have received updates from a friend who has been working with small churches in the Ukraine. He said that some refugees were being accommodated in Santana. We contacted Pastor Aurel to offer some support, and he was grateful that we could give some financial help. He tells us that refugees are being accommodated in homes, and they are being fed three meals a day at the feeding centre. We have money available to him now and will send more in the coming weeks when they are expecting to receive more refugees. It may be that you are wondering what you can do to help, but if you would like to make a donation you can do so through Helping Hands North Norfolk, being assured that all money given will be used for whatever is needed. Donations may be made in cash when you see us, by cheque made payable to Helping Hands North Norfolk and sent to: “Little Dale” Guist Bottom Road, Stibbard, Norfolk NR21 0AQ Please also hold in your prayers those who are refugees, those who care for them, and those who have to remain in the Ukraine. Thank you, Malcolm and Pippa Cook Stibbard Methodist Church.


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